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Augmentin (Amoxicillin)

What is Augmentin?

Augmentin is utilized to treat lower respiratory, middle ear, sinus, pores and skin, and urinary tract bacterial infections that can be caused by some bacteria.

What is the most critical information I ought to know about Augmentin or augmentin uses?

In case you are allergic to either penicillin or cephalosporin anti-biotic in any form, seek advice from your physician before using Augmentin. You might be allergic to it, in case a reaction arises, it may be very severe. If you take the medicine and feel indications of a reaction, seek professional medical attention quickly.
Augmentin generally causes diarrhea, which always ends when the medicine is withdrawn. Oftentimes after beginning treatment with Augmentin , you might get watery and bloody stools ( with or without tummycramps or fever ) even while late as two or even more months after using the last dose of Augmentin . If this occurs, contact a medical professional immediately.
Augmentin will not treat the usual cold. Although you may appear better shortly after starting therapy, it is very important to take Augmentin precisely as instructed for the complete treatment. Skipping doses or otherwise finishing the full course of Augmentin might reduce its effectiveness and may result in the bacteria growing resistance to ensure that it might no more be treatable.

Who ought not to take Augmentin?

In case you are sensitive to or have ever experienced an allergic reaction to any specific penicillin medicine, you should not take this drug.
Additionally stay away from taking Augmentin when it has ever given you liver issues or yellowing of your skin and eyes.
You should not take Augmentin when you have mononucleosis (a viral disease typically known as “mono” that leads to weakness and tiredness for weeks or several months) because you might have a greater risk of having a skin rash.
Should you be phenylketonuric (a failure to process phenylalanine, a proteins within your body), you ought not to take Augmentin Oral Suspensions and Chewable Tablets because they forms include phenylalanine.

What really should I tell my medical professional before I take the first dose of Augmentin?

Inform your doctor concerning all prescribed, over the counter, and herbal medicines you are taking before you begin treatment with Augmentin. Additionally, discuss with your physician about your whole medical history, particularly if you might have or had liver issues, yellowing of your skin or eyes (jaundice), kidney disorders, or are receiving hemodialysis. Additionally, mention any specific antibiotic use, mononucleosis, bacterial infections, phenylketonuria, blood problems, probenecid use, or utilization of oral blood-thinning drugs for example warfarin. You may also tell your physician in case you are pregnant, might be pregnant, decide to become pregnant, are breastfeeding your baby, or intend to breastfeed.

What is the basic dosage of Augmentin?

The information below is dependent on the dosage recommendations your physician uses. Based on your problem and medical records, your medical professional may recommend a different routine. You should not change the dose or quit taking your medicine without your doctor’s authorization.

Augmentin dosage days

Adults: The normal adult dose of Augmentin is a 500-milligram (mg) tablet every 12 hrs or 1 250-mg tablet each and every 8 hrs. For more serious infections, bacterial infections of the respiratory tract, and patients with serious kidney issues, your physician will recommend the suitable dosage.
In case you have difficulty swallowing, you might be recommended Augmentin Oral Suspension.

What are the possible side effects of Augmentin?

Augmentin Side effects may not be expected. In case any develop or change in strength, inform your personal doctor immediately. Only your physician determines if it is safe for you to keep on taking this drug.
Side effects can include : skin reactions ( rash and hives ) , stress breathing , liver issues , rise in liver enzymes , kidney issues , crystals in the urine , blood problems ( for example anemia , decreased white blood cell count ) , diarrhea , irritations , behavioral changes , queasiness , discolored tooth ( brownish , yellowish , or gray staining )

Can I receive augmentin in case I am pregnant or breastfeeding a baby?

The effects of Augmentin in pregnancy and breastfeeding a baby are not known. Inform your physician quickly in case you are pregnant, might be pregnant, intend to become pregnant, or are breastfeeding a baby.

What should I do in case I skip a dose of Augmentin?

In case you a skip a dose of Augmentin take the skipped dose once you remember. However, in case it is nearly time for the next dose, skip the one you missed and also go back to your normal dosing plan. You should not take two doses at the same time.