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Benicar (Olmesartan)

What are benicar drugs?

BENICAR and BENICAR HCT is doctor prescribed medications utilized to lower hypertension (high blood pressure). They might be utilized alone or along with other medications utilized to treat hypertension. BENICAR HCT is not to be used as the first medication to treat hypertension.
Caution: You Should Not Use BENICAR or BENICAR HCT in Pregnancy
BENICAR could cause harm or death to an unborn infant
Discussion with your doctor concerning other ways to reduce your hypertension if you turn out to be pregnant
When you get pregnant while using BENICAR inform your doctor instantly

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Why is it Recommended
Benicar is a hypertension medicine that blocks some receptors, referred to as angiotensin receptors. Angiotensin II is a hormone which causes the blood vessels to block. By inhibiting the action of the hormone (and reduce the secretion and production of other bodily hormones involved with regulating blood pressure levels) , blood vessels become dilated .

Benicar Generic

Has a generic version of Benicar been recently approved?
Absolutely no. There is certainly currently no therapeutically same version of Benicar HCT obtainable in the United States of America.
What exactly are the possible side effects of Benicar HCT?
The following is not the full list of side effects. Benicar Side effects cannot be expected. If any develop or even change in strength, inform your medical care provider immediately. Only your medical care provider establishes when it is safe so that you can keep on taking this medicine.
Benicar HCT can harm your unborn child. Speak with your medical care provider concerning different ways to reduce your blood pressure levels if you are planning to become pregnant. Explain to your medical care provider instantly if you turn out to be pregnant when taking Benicar HCT.

Learn about likely side effects of Benicar

Severe side effects can include injury or death to an unborn infant; lower blood pressure levels

(Hypotension), which can force you to feel weak or dizzy; and kidney issues, which can worsen in individuals with kidney illness. For those who have kidney problems, you will need blood tests, and your medical professional will need to reduce your dose. Explain to your physician in the case you get swelling in your feet, ankles, or palms, or have mysterious excess weight. These might be signs of kidney issues. When you have heart failure, your physician should also look at your kidney function before prescribing these medications. Inform your doctor should you be experiencing these types of symptoms.
Severe side effects might also consist of serious, chronic diarrhea with huge weight reduction, which can build months to years after beginning BENICAR Explain to your physician in case you are experiencing these types of symptoms.

What is the benicar dosage?

The information below is dependent on the dosage recommendations your medical care provider uses. Based on your problem and health background, your medical care provider might recommend another regimen. You should not change the dose or avoid your medicine without your medical care provider’s authorization.
Adults: Your medical care provider will recommend the proper dosage for you depending on your earlier blood pressure levels medicine, and might improve your dosage when needed, until the preferred effect is accomplished.

How should I use this medicine?

Take Benicar HCT precisely as recommended by your medical care provider. Will not change your dosage or avoid Benicar HCT without first speaking with your medical care provider.

Should you take a cholesterol-lowering medication called colesevelam, take Benicar HCT a minimum of 4 hours before you decide to take this medication.
Benicar Coupons
Benicar HCT (hydrochlorothiazide/olmesartan) is an associate of the angiotensin II inhibitors with thiazides medicine class which is widely used for Hypertension Benicar HCT can be obtained as a brand name medicine only; a generic version is not but obtainable. To find out more, learn about generic Benicar HCT availability.

Manufacturer Coupons and Rebates

Benicar HCT offers might be through a printable coupon, rebate, savings card, free trial offer, or free examples. Some offers might be printed starting from a website, other people need registration, completing a questionnaire, or getting a small sample from the doctor’s office.